Diet 6 sheets: detailed menu every day, reviews

Swedish dietitian Anna Johansson has developed a leaf diet that makes it easy to lose 5 kg per week. The system is built on a separate power supply. The human gastrointestinal tract is more than 20 meters long and functions as a single mechanism. It does not include separate sections of carbohydrates, fats, proteins. So all the food is absorbed together, creating a conflict environment. For this reason, the absorption of nutrients slows down and fermentation processes begin.

Dietary food 6 sheets

If pepsin, the activity of which is found only in an acidic environment, is required for the breakdown of proteins, then alkaline enzymes are essential for carbohydrates. Due to their own ignorance, digestive problems arise. And the hated kilograms appear, behind which the ideal silhouette is hidden. The "6-sheet" diet provides a moderate mode and properly selected products, which allows us to say:

  1. Stress relief from the digestive tract.
  2. About fast digestion of food.
  3. On the efficient operation of excretory systems.

A pleasure to dress up

According to reviews, the diet "6 sheets" is an alternating daily mono diet. This means that you should consume one type of product every day. Comfortable weight loss scheme:

  • Relieves discomfort;
  • Does not put the body under stress;
  • Do not force yourself to count calories and measure the amount of food on a plate.


  1. A mismatch of days in a 6-sheet diet is ruled out. The system is built on the principle of complementarity.
  2. It's worth appreciating the author's creativity and turning it into a six-page diet game in the form of a seven-flowered flower by drawing a broken calendar for a week. After cutting the last piece, you can congratulate yourself on the victory and look at the new wardrobe. The 6-sheet diet reviews and results are only positive.

In the "Six Sheets" diet menu, the drinking regime is organized every day with tea, water, morning coffee without hints of sugar. The habit of drinking water on an empty stomach should become chronic. The fluid removes mucus accumulated at night and prepares the digestive tract to work. Accelerated digestion processes, which has a positive effect on immunity. You can add a few drops of lemon juice, which improves blood flow. The "wrong" food acidifies him and this fact causes a number of serious diseases. According to the six-page diet, breakfast should start in 20 minutes.

Menu every day: diet "Six sheets"

Monday. Fish Day

Suitable for any kind of fish and seafood. Spices and aromatic herbs will add flavor. Salt is excluded for a week. Fatty salmon is best eaten before a sports load. You should drink a lot of water because a large amount of protein complicates the work of the kidneys. A six-page diet menu every day can be added to interesting recipes.

  1. Fish in the oven. The carcass should be seasoned with spices and placed in a chamber at 180 degrees. The pieces can be wrapped in foil. After 25 minutes breakfast-lunch-dinner is ready. Remains oily skin and squeeze with lemon juice.
  2. Roll the pollack fillets and add the dill, parsley, spices. Roll out a homogeneous mass into balls and bring to a boil. For variety you can bake.
  3. The reviews and results of the 6-sheet diet and steamed salmon are the most flattering. Place the fish pieces on the steam patty and start the cycle. It is enough to turn them over once to get a nutritious lunch.

Tuesday: 6-sheet diet, detailed menu

The 6-sheet diet menu includes vegetable recipes. Ingredients dig, mix, serve as a salad, only without oil and salt:

  • The theme of the day is a traditional cucumber salad with tomatoes;
  • Cabbage stuffed with pepper. The vegetables are filled with semi-cooked stewed cabbage. Tomato sauce is added and the container is sent to the oven;
  • Boiled beets or finely chopped + garlic for spiciness. It remains to enjoy the natural taste of the product.
  • Soup with eggplant. Cut: blue vegetables, carrots, onions, tomatoes, which are sent in the same order on the pan. Boil for 7 minutes.
  • Cold soup. Put a large tomato, sweet pepper, onion, herbs, garlic to your taste in a blender bowl and whisk. For a more liquid consistency, you can add 1 more tomato. According to reviews, the diet "6 sheets" with a varied menu is tasty and comfortable.
  • Why not bake a pumpkin? Melt 1 cm wide pieces on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for one hour. The pleasant sweet taste will live up to all the expectations of a gourmet.

Medium Sheet: Detailed 6-sheet diet menu

Petal diet for weight loss continues in chickens. The skin is removed immediately, otherwise you can not talk about healthy eating. Boil the breast, wrap it in a steam cutlet, bake it in foil, update your favorite recipe and adjust it according to the monodiet requirements.

A bird in its own juice. Finished pieces grated with spices lie on a layer of onions in a duck. You can top with chopped tomatoes, which will release juice later. Cook the chicken over low heat for about 2 hours.

Thursday: 6-sheet diet menu

Cereal dishes recipes are on the agenda. On Wednesday evening buckwheat should be washed, put in a thermos and pour boiling water in a ratio of 1x2, in the morning the most useful porridge in the world is ready. Also, bring the minced meat to a boil before boiling and turn off the stove immediately. There was a towel on top. The grains evaporate in a few hours.

For a change you can prepare buckwheat meatballs. The buckwheat will cool and grind in a blender. To it are added stewed onions and fresh herbs. It is desirable to beat again. It remains to give a homogeneous mass in the form of a cutlet and bake. According to reviews, different grains are used in a six-leaf diet for 4 days. The choice depends on the personal preferences of the grain.

Friday: Diet 6 sheet recipes

In the program of the day - cottage cheese. Dairy product with moderate fat content is selected. Ideally, it is made at home with real milk. The remaining serum is a healthy drink for slimming women. Yogurt can also be included in the menu. An easy solution is to sprinkle the cottage cheese with cinnamon and swallow it with inspiration.

For a change, we offer a recipe for "crossed". Pre-soaked sulguni (500 g) or Imereti cheese is cut into slices, then sent to hot milk. When the mass begins to stretch - it's time to get it. The melted cheese is covered with mint and shaped into a cake, which, in addition, is poured with yogurt.

Cottage cheese dumplings. The cheese melts to a viscous consistency. The plastic mass gets into balls where the cottage cheese is hidden. Egg whites are added for stickiness. The finished colobocs are boiled in milk for a few minutes.

Saturday: Six-sheet diet menu

Fruit is a priority on the last day. They are allowed to just chew or make a smoothie. For a cocktail, put an apple + kiwi + banana in a blender bowl. You can endlessly improvise on the berry-fruit theme. Take any cocktail recipe and add apple or other fruit juice.

To avoid monotony, it is best to alternate dishes. A delicious dish is baked apples or quince. Fresh or thawed berries are an excellent alternative to fruit.

Sunday: Diet "Six Sheet" Reviews, Results

Today the last sheet of the impromptu calendar has been removed. There is a dash in the menu because the digestive system has a day off. Therefore, it is worth getting used to the body and spending the day in boredom, drinking water and lying on the couch. At the end of the day it is time to weigh and evaluate the results. If the numbers do not suit you, the menu can be repeated. There are no medical contraindications. The weekly diet contains the necessary set of products that can provide a sufficient amount of substances necessary for the body.